Poem -

The side of the bed

The side of the bed where you used to lay is no longer full like yesterday. The truth that wasn't existent lingers, like your lies I see you were resistant. I started to hate you a long time ago, but I learned to cope to make our relationship grow. I now see the trails were to much, maybe you would have been true and such. Now I am left with a empty nest, one I built while you were like the rest. You betray and slay with your spiteful words, you hurt my heart you cast a curse. My heart was breaking many times before the many times you should have walked out the door. Now im left with a child by my side. I thank the Lord for her next to mine. She will grow up knowing love which is Something sent from above. Im not sad and im not angry you will get what you get baby. I will be alright, ill smile. While your alone for more than a little while. I will hold my head up high because one day the one who loves me won't stand to see me cry. No I know I wasn't perfect, but tell me was she really worth it? To rip a family right apart, to break what was left of my heart. I will never allow you to abuse me, I will learn to love whats left of me. Goodbye