Poem -



I listen intently and patiently to what you said 
I am your therapist and want to get inside your head 
So many things that you are willing to confess 
It's plain to see that you are under a lot of stress 

Being a therapist or as the Americans would say shrink 
I have to understand what people say and think
Everybody has a different story to tell 
My common goal is to get them well 

I better go now as I have another appointment at ten 
The analysing and listening will start once again 
Answering a question with a question is what I'm trained to do 
As I search for the answers and the ultimate clue

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Audrey youde

This to me is one of your best, ,well done , so beautifully written 

Terry Kay

Kieran,  ohh this is what I need😂😂 love it!  Terry Kay

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Kieran.....I have been to some good and bad therapists in my life....and it comes down to finding one who really cares and does not just pretend to be paying attention...but actively looking for solutions to help.  Great portrayal of one whose job is to listen and ask a lot of questions to make us think...lol  xo ;)