Poem -


They didn't tell me that there were mind games,
and after a while, we would call each other names,
down went the lines of contentment on the graph,
they asked me if it hurt, I said; 'Only when I laugh.'

They didn't tell me that one day, you may no longer care,
and that when I went home, you wouldn't be there,
I gathered your clothes that had the scent of Chanel,
and rushed to the door when there was a ring from the bell.

They didn't tell me that you would be hard to replace,
every time I looked at the pillow, I could see your face,
God, it was quiet, even with the radio and TV on,
I couldn't get used to it, the fact that you were gone.

I fell asleep exhausted and brought you back in my dreams,
damn you, I loved you but now nothing's as it seems.


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