Poem -

The waiting room

The waiting room

The waiting room
with patients –
and patient understanding

Looking down
the phone rings loud
destroying sounds of silence

The baby cries
the mother meets
demands and tempered toils

The doctor calls
the chair departs
opinion turns to spoils

the reason why
she sits in care-free room

Her arm on show
she doesn’t know
if satisfied or gloom

Broken down
the problem grows
yet cannot be revealed

of an ageing tribe
unknowingly she feels

Referral is the
magic word and
one without decision

Pass it on
or pay it forward
delay will bring rescission

How to choose
how to improve
does one want to enter

The sooner left
set and forget
the problem can be vented

Expertise to find
another rind –
medicinally yearning

A better, smoother
stronger sense of
educated learning

Prefer prevention
than to treat –
but how to when not present

Round and round
the circle goes
the essence is dependence

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Well written angel