Poem -

The Warrior

The warrior walks,
The warrior fights,

The warrior was taught to bring the light,

The devil will talk,
The devil will lie,

The devil will teach you never to try,

The warrior knows the devil's an enemy,

The devil wants to feed on his positive energy,Β 

Devil: "hear me warrior, and hear me clear. To me you're dear worth more than one".

Warrior: "leave me devil, I'll take no heed. I know your word as lies before you speak".

Devil: "you don't fear me warrior, that's why you're here. I want to warn of a storm to come".

Warrior: "I see you devil, but you came to me. And a threat from you i do not need".

Devil: "look around you warrior, let your eyes believe. You are a man of violence, this made by me".

Warrior: "Hear me devil, hear me true. This man is righteous, the storm is me".

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Hello Halo...


Love this!!

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...



Halo Pain

Thank you so much, I am honoured for such a sweet comment from such a talented writer.Β