Poem -

The Wreckage

The Wreckage

Cast unto this cold clod place and time
Where all I have left to hold
Is an impoverished dream
Tearing inside, strand by strand
With no vision to finance my destiny

Barren is the heart of all
But the pain I've grown to bear
Overshadowing the love I'd sown
Wilting with the fall of every tear
Dishevelled, I walk on
Through the travails of a searing wind
Reflective of leaves, shed and gone
With no clearing to begin

Show me the path, I did not take
So I can throw myself
Before the departed train
Let each bone crush for every year alone
And my blood, follow the track
From the one I chose
May the wreck display the inside out
And my entrails, be an immemorial omen
​​​​Of an unheard sound

Bowing down to the dirt
My head overlaps the rail
And my knees tremble
With this beating chest, I clutch
As my eyes close 
And I hear the formidable sound
Of raging steam ahead
Through the tunnel of darkness
It swiftly comes
Oh God, let there be light
With redemption at the other end


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Ian William

Thank you so much, Poetess. Such a kind complement to give.


Overshadowing the love, I'd sown
Wilting with the fall of every tear


it's here I've found a brother, knowing the bitter portions I've left unsaid .

You must know the Storekeeper of Broken Dreams all too well, t'was there I'd purchased my pencils, I'm matching outside barefooted against all to whom he gave those golden pens ...

I see you running across the street ,laughing like a madman , with your hands in your pockets lol

no worries I'll take a short break for ice-cream and come back yelling with my box of pencil scattered on his pavement. 

Ian William

Thank you D, for these wise, relative and thought provoking words.


Ian William

Thank you Caron, very much appreciated.

Mia Terra

Wow, this definitely deserves to win

Ian William

Such a delightful comment. Thank you so much, Crystal.