Poem -

"This Clean & Sober Peter Pan"

"This Clean & Sober Peter Pan"

"There is gratitude,
in everything I receive,
for if not for Jesus,
I would've died from those drugs,
this I wholeheartedly believe.

Those near death experiences,
were the end of my rope,
because I so foolishly put,
all my hope in dope.

The inner pain,
was never a stranger,
and I put my soul and body,
in so much danger.

What I became on those poisonous inventions,
is not who I am.
Just a drunken, high Peter Pan,
that you couldn't even come close,
to calling a real man,
and I feel so undeserving,
to stand before,
all of you now,
but I have A Purpose,
in that mystery,
because God sees,
so much more in me,
than I'll ever see.

This clean and sober Peter Pan,
can only walk,
and is trying so hard to stand,
for what should be stood,
which is The Greater Good.
I'm done playing Pinocchio,
and I'm so blessed I have,
the strength and courage left,
to say that.

I've always held on to,
my inner child,
but using those drugs,
I feel he was defiled,
and I am the one to blame,
for taking part in the devil's games.
Jumping over that candlestick,
only to be caught in flames,
of such unholy fire,
in pursuit of such,
unrighteous desires.

I don't know how many times,
I've fallen,
but I got back up!
I'm in God's Hands in Recovery,
and enough is enough!
An overdose won't be,
the end of my story,
instead I use,
my God Given Time,
all for One Purpose,
and that is God's Glory!

He deserves all of me,
so goodbye imaginary friends,
and your land of make believe,
I thought you served a purpose,
but in the end it was all,
just fantastical lies,
and I'm such a fool,
that I'm even surprised,
by that.

Parting is usually,
of such sweet sorrow,
but not this one,
because I know with Jesus,
the present will lead,
to a better tomorrow,
a better me,
so lost in fantasy,
but I was ransomed by God,
when I was found,
laying near dead on the ground,
and I know Jesus will never,
ever let me down!"