Poem -

This is me

This is me

I was sad, but now I laugh,
I overcame the life I had,
instead of being define by the past,
I want to make things in life last.

I am independently me,
the very best version of myself I could be,
I can rise from the abuse and hate,
for my minds in a better place.

I am not a toy I won’t be played,
I wont bow down to a word you say,
unlike other woman I will not stay,
for I am unmoldable the opposite of clay.

No one in life will get me down,
I will stand up tall and proud,
shout to the rooftops outloud,
for who I truly am is found.

I love to be creative and unique,
show men that a woman’s talent has diversity,
i do not depend on my exterior,
but rather focus on my interior getting clearer.

For what’s in my soul truly matters, 
does not depend what part of me is flatter, 
I love myself for every flaw,
hoping one day you’ll see me, the same way I saw.

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Dan Ferem

Loved the  message in the spirit of the poem, the message I found in the poem anyway that that that made me feel good… Bravo