Poem -

This is the End

your only song Jimmy

My bones were torn from my back
every time we looked into the past
I saw them spinning dimes
saw them catching my crimes
those angels eating everything

reaching up past your neck kissing rainbows
you collect
seated orchestras on golden lawns
red roses bleeding fast
deaths little joking fast
catching up with each rainfall
this broken foolish pause

hidden hooks silence the books
years filter a different brew
plastic stinging thread
stitched the head
as though distressed
dark snow-filled carparks knew
space is filled without you

Grey in green
these eyes today
no purple orchids
or lavender path
while wishes meet marble graves
all skin long ago flayed
whispers float forced to pray
Angels gather wings, piled and saved

Mirror suspended where breath
once frosted
images greeted in savage discontent

Images greeted
images greeted

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