Poem -

This Wicked World

In this wicked world we live in,
we must get on our knees and pray
And ask the Lord for guidance
each and everyday
For Satan is seeking and searching
for someone he can devour
He's using some scandalous tactics,
devious devices and every lure
He's painting glamorous illusions  
depictions which appear to be gold,
But when we glimpse at the overall picture
we'll find that only vicious lies have been told
Cause he'll give you worldly possessions
those things he thinks you'll like
Whether it be snorting heroin thru a straw
or smoking meth from a pipe
and he'll throw in some prostitutes
But mostly even sex you'll get for free,    
All too generous with the ones he sends                       
Knowing well their beauty disguises HIV
Money won't be a problem,
for he'll teach ya to cheat and steal
He'll have you commit some senseless acts,
Cause his goal is to get you killed!
He'll give you power to help rule his domain,
all things you'll think you'll know
You'll forget the blessed teachings of our lord...
about reaping what you sow
And when satan's job is finished,
when the clock reads a quarter to twelve,
He'll tell you to prepare to receive your reward,
And next, you are cast down to HELL
An eternal fire will await you there
You'll plead and beg to die,
But you'll live there in agony, tormented with every
tear as it burns when you cry
In desperation, you shout “ no deal! Send me back, Satan!
I'm terribly hot and too sick”
And coldly he'll answer " you d*mn fool,
God laid down the rules,
but you broke them, and thus you have been tricked!"
You'll scream "that's not fair,  you said to follow you,
and you would show me the way,
and you gave me those gifts...
the dope and that trick,
all because you wanted me to stay?"
with a smirk he replies"yes my child,
you're getting it now,
and my job was easy as pie,  
for you chose eternity in a place like this,
instead of that wonderful mansion in the sky.
You should have known I wouldn't be honest,
that with sinners I could never level
Cause if I spoke the goodness of god...
Man, I wouldn't make a  very good Devil,
But don't worry so much, don't fret my child,
you will not be by yourself,
Cause I'm headed back to earth to seek and destroy,
and it's a sure bet I'll find someone else,
I'll roam the streets, and go to bars,
I'll hang out at all the clubs,
I'll give them money, jewelry, and cars,
and of course I'll tempt them with drugs.
I'll destroy their minds, make them blind,
to the point they are foolishly tricked,           
Still sadly,  few will escape me,
for their sake, flee with their life.
Where is only the ones who trust in God,
will walk thru the pearly gates in the sky.

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Ebrahim Alkadi

my full respect to you....this is so amazing and very deep.... may Allah give you the guidance to Islam.


Hello Crystal...

Much respect!

May the Lord Jesus guide me to Heaven...

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...