Poem -

Three Minute Draft

Hopeless hoping, the light from above,
to shine down from nothing and guide me to love,
hoping and the dreaming, 
from day long gone by,
through loss and through leaving,
waiting to die.
I found somethin better ,
in the days past the night,
from darkness and bleakness came to me light,
from pain and through ice,
I found again my way,
out of the night and into the day,
Life and through loving, 
The sun must arise,
Bring light once again to my weary tired eyes.


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Cherie Leigh

HI Dmitri...I love this....It is humble....Many of us have suffered the kind of weariness from love that you describe...and wander lost...and then it takes one special soul to show us the light again....to give hope that once was lost....Hold onto that hope and follow your young heart.  Life has many lessons in love to teach you and guide you.  I loved this....Pinned! ox ;)