Poem -

Tick Of The Clock

Tick Of The Clock

Why must I lay here and cry?
Feeling sorry for myself once again,
An emotion I'm too familiar with,
As the darkness sets in.

I feel I'm not worth anything.
Who cares if I go on home?
My phone never rings anymore,
This as I sit alone.

What plans are in my future?
So many questions in my mind,
Yet these unanswered,
As this I worry all the time.

I'll lay down for now and sleep,
Not wanting to see the clock,
For I know it's still ticking away,
This as a fact won't stop.

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Dork Awesomerer

First off i blow your phone up second off it would absolutely crush me if something happened to you and third i love your face!!!!! I love you to pieces my friend!!! You are worthy and you are loved but above all else you are a Child of the Most High!!! Love you my friend you gonna have to stop breakin my heart with these poems!!