Poem -

Time & love sealed

A story of love, once upon a time 
A secret born of you & I, it once began, 
As too does the rose, from seed to bloom
Flourished love dedicated, to us woman & man, 
Such innocence, such games young hearts play
Twisting paths & lessons that we weave, 
Faithfully hoping, I never love another as I did you
Finally breaking my heart, mistake made & had to leave, 
Dreams of the future & plans of our wedding day 
Watched the world that we created, fade to dust, 
I know we were young, but faith & love had begun
A place in my heart,for always a destiny, love & a must, 
Entwined was our hearts, captured by a lovers wish
The story of ours, the same as others come to the end, 
A young love story faded in time, but in my memories 
A once strong love but always, for you inside I will send. 

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