Poem -

Too many questions😞

Too many questions ☹️

In a moment of madness
You decided to part
With the blink of an eye
Time shattered my heart

All I am left with now
Is photographs of you
Why did you go away
You have left me so blue

If only you could have talked to me
How I wish that you had 
I would have listened to your problems
Now I am left feeling so sad

They say time is a healer
Usually, I would agree
But nothing is going to repair
The damage you’ve done to me

I thought you were okay
You did not make me aware
Why couldn’t you speak out
Its as if you didn’t care

I will find it difficult
To get on with my life
I am not prepared enough
dealing with heartache & strife

The only option I have got
Is to look back on memories
But they will never ease my pain
I will never find remedies

A sadness has hit me
Like I have never known before
It suddenly befell on me 
& knocked upon my door

Whatever did I do to you
I will never ever know
You have left me too many questions
Oh why did you have to go