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True Story...

True Story...

As a little girl, I was terribly afraid of the dark and would dream at night of eternally falling, falling and falling deep into the inky abyss of the ocean.
Each night, I drowned over and over, and
I would wake terrified, only to be faced with the horrors of the dark.
Now I am all grown up, I have learnt to love the dark in all its rich midnight hues.
I now realise, that it's ok to sit in the dark and to break. To be broken.
For the glint of light from broken glass is more beautiful than the brightest shinning moon.
The ocean is a different matter, I still drown each night longing for the ocean that separates us, to recede into the sky and I may walk the journey to you.

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Terry Kay

Caron, .I just loved and related to your poem.Β  I too had nightmares as a child.Β  I was being chased by a crowd of people who sufficated me. Enjoy your work.Β  Terry Kay