Poem -

Two Seconds Too Late

Was always so charming, yet secretly super conniving on the low.
Your words so deceitful, you were the only one that knew that though.

I was ready to claim your name, stand strong with it, NOBODY else will I ever make a wife!!!
Seeing my father and mother split apart when I was a babe, HELL NO!!! NOT GONNA BE MY LIFE!!!

So, very, arrogantly you come at me too like, "do I wanna win my man back now?!?!"
MUST I REMIND YOU. I'm not an option, I AM the priority. Yet, see I guess you forgot that somehow.

While you were placing me second, and only showing me your love at a bare minimum.
I woke up and realized, my life is much more than just some fictional cinema. 

If you weren't putting me first then, then why do it when you're the one that's now SAD, and LONELY!!! 
For months, upon months, I lay here in solitude, waiting for you, then someone, please just ANYONE hold me!!!!

I am well aware of what my worth is, that's something that will NEVER lose its value!!!
My worth you're unaware of, completely clueless, I'm sorry but, me will at no time ever again have you!!!



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