Poem -

Unedited Divide

Unedited Divide

A worldly view at the bottom of my pedestal,
I am but a pariah of sinful exuberance-
on my mountainside where the water beneath

divulges the cravings of my heart,

and yet,

the distance is its becoming, 
wrenching my soul in tousled misgivings,
the craving of swimming desires,
breaking and heaving under wet undergrowth-

I feel, wretched.

But the water pours and drenches the
yearning, the closer and closer I get
to your sacred touch, 

and I,

innocently juxtaposed on a pedestal,
singing as a harpy bespoken to the heathens,
beneath my wet feet, I cradle my detriment
in your unspoken glance,
wait for the moon,
changeable as
my demonic needs,

the need, the need for your

I swim delicately and
begin the descent of hell,
eerie on my pitiful tongue,
lashing, lashing for 


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