Poem -

Unhappy Pappies

Unhappy Pappies

When I was a teenager, I made a lot of fathers unhappy.
I was constantly being beaten up or shot at by those pappies.
Each of those dads thought that I would take away his daughter's virginity.
And each one of those dads kicked my ass even though I begged my mercy.

Those fathers would come after me one by one.
Some would use their fists, others used guns.
One dad put a bullet in my butt.
Another father blew off my nuts.

Now that I've been neutered, I can't father any babies.
One dad threw a rabid poodle on me and I got rabies.
Before I got my shots, I bit every one of those pappies and gave them rabies too.
Maybe that was evil but it was a very satisfying thing to do.


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