Poem -

"Until That Heavenly Eternity!"

"Until That Heavenly Eternity!"

"Tell that lying devil,
not today!
For he may come with temptation,
but Jesus will always,
make A Way,
out of that situation.

He's The Only One,
The Only Son,
who can fight your battles.
He's never lost once,
always won.
So stop running,
from what you are running from.
Face those demons!
Take that stand,
but remember when doing so,
to hold Jesus's Hand.

That addiction,
can be beat,
if you lay it,
at Jesus's Feet!

This is what I do,
I pray you do too,
so better things,
can come into view.
Locked in sin,
the devil poisons and distracts,
those who could do the world,
so much good,
and it's crazy we try to stand alone,
when the devil attacks,
when God always has our backs!

I dream of a shining Earth,
more wondrous,
than at my birth,
where shining people,
have shining smiles,
on shining faces,
that know how amazing,
is Jesus's Grace,
so much to the point,
that it makes their hearts race!
Oh how peaceful,
it could be,
if it wasn't us versus them,
instead just we,
so blessedly free,
working for The Greater Good,
until that Heavenly Eternity!"

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May the Lord Keep you in his grace,good write angel