Poem -

Vlad, I will Make Him Dracula

Curse of Forever

Vlad, I will Make Him Dracula

He stared into the cold abyss
Waiting for the stake or kiss...
that may rejuvenate..
rectify his soul
Already damned
Yet, he smiled at the prospect of purgatory
False hope of redemption

That is how I felt when you drove the stake
through my broken heart
I cried out in pain
Because you once loved me... unconditionally
But I failed as your prince
And have been dead ever since
And now I will seek blood

Living to die in love
I will not drink the blood of humans
Although I am already damned
Damned to loneliness
Exiled to obscurity
And I will look at the portrait of the Transylvanian prince
And I will say...
Vlad, I will make you Dracula...


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Tony Taylor

This is friggin' brilliant.....l love it MICHAEL.... especially phrases like ~

                      ~ " Living to die in Love..."
Stunning works of poetic art and elegance!!....... with double entendre' working at its core.......VERY, VERY, compelling poetry my friend...... and true originality beaming brightly!!    ALL STARS & PINNED!!.......smokin' grooves!!....... Love & Rockets!!........T xo.  : )
Ps. Miss You man!!....... Peace!!

Michael Roy

Thank you Tony! I've always been inspired by the dark side of our world. Werewolves, vampires. Even though it's all fiction. I use them as metaphors. Thank you for your feedback, brother poet. Much love!