Poem -

Wannabe Weirdo

(Revised and corrected)

So typical in the way that you wish you were weird
I'm afraid your as average as you've always feared

A chalk outline of an edgy creative charactur
Not a single original mark
You've got no unique individual spark

Shaping yourself from a t.v. depiction of strange
Check the trends daily and rearrange

You speak like you sparkle
Like some shining ray
So daring in leather and lace
Yet another cliche

You have driven yourself
To the edges that birthed me
I am the reality that you
Fancy you should be

The fact that you would ask
To walk this path pathed in bare traps
Means you would never survive
Unfolding the maps

Open your eyes
You're store brand basic
The thoughts of others drip from your tongue
You're a song softly plagiarized and too often sung
And you cant even see that you're the lucky one

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