Poem -

When The University Lost Its Humanities

When The University Lost Its Humanities

in a vaste and ancient forest of human thought

i postured skyward and spacious

my tap root reached deep into a well of living waters

my branches shook out generous fragrant welcomes

many feathers alighted for fruitful conversation

redundant contemplations transfigured into organic raw materials

for sustained and innovative utility

wrinkled twigs pointed out alternative paths yet taken

the rustle of my leaves clued us all to the shifting winds of change

i hosted some rare species of the mind

delicate ideas that dwelled for posterity

they stimulated the spirit to vitality

and brought fine rations to the masses night and day

my creaking signified breath and flow

yet the air about grew thicker in stagnation

as the carpet of our glory was stripped back

greed quaked our hills and frightened away the peacemakers

leaving a bare and noxious landscape to die a blind suicide