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Why Working At GameStop Can Suck

Why Working At GameStop Can Suck

Sometimes working at GameStop is good but other times, it sucks.
Last week a woman tried to buy an XBOX One for only fifty bucks.
She offered me fifty bucks for an XBOX One.
She was going to buy it for her ten year old son.
She said she would gladly pay fifty bucks for an XBOX One and a Mario game.
I told her that Mario doesn't exist for the XBOX and I got called some terrible names.
I told her that if she wanted to buy an XBOX One, she'd have to pay a lot more.
She said she was only willing to pay fifty and I asked her to leave the store.
I begged her to leave, I begged her not to force me to call the Police.
But when it comes to customers like her, I don't get one moment's peace.
When the Police finally arrived, that damn woman decided to get tough.
When she slapped one of the cops, he tazed her and slapped on the cuffs.
If you're like that customer, I have something to say that you should not ignore.
Stay out of this GameStop or I'll call the Fuzz and have you removed from the store.

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Hard rock lover

Or working in retail does suck from time to time this much I know . A great piece of writing, rock