Poem -



The winds whistle
like it's the only thing i hear
Louder than a missile
Deep in my mind i know thats my fear

My head won't stop spinning
Taken me deeper into the past
I feel like the darkness is winning
My sanity never did last

My mind became dark
So long ago from now
Today, it finally made its mark
Taken its final bow

Realizing i never had my sanity
If i focus real hard i can remember the little i had
Right now i have little humanity
The darkness said it wasn't that bad

But now i see so clearly
While listening to the furious winds
Digging into my head so severely
The darkness, their masterminds

I can't stop
If i could i wouldn't
Its kinda like photoshop
I wish i couldve did that with my childhood

As y'all can see
My mind won't rest
I'm no longer me
I feel like I'm being put to the test

And I'm failing miserably
Letting it defeat me like that
Im taking it too literally
I honestly don't know where I'm gettin at

These winds are driving me nuts
Sadly its not drowning out the voices
No, there is nothin to discuss
I'm already joyless