Poem -

Winter Grief

Winter Grief

Bird songs of sunrise hues
Filter through the morning dew.
Forever sits upon sultry lips
Tasting the sun in little sips.
Winter arms scatter delicate treats
And lay the snow in velvet sheets.
Afternoon fades, swallowed whole
Beneath the bell, for me it tolls.
Evening hypnotic spells are cast
In which my dreams come to past.
My skin soaked in winter grief
Hope this endless dark is brief.
Birds, which to the south have flown
Return again when leaves have grown.

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

HI Caron...Such beautiful imagery!  This time of year can bring beauty and hardships too.  I am definitely a summer gal and prefer the warmer weather.  I have watched the little birds that stay and fend for themselves during the wintry weather, and it is both beautiful and sad to see their interaction in the cold snowy months. I can get depressed when it gets dark....and the mind can get set in stress and worries and grief....and chill the bone of my neuropathy pain too.  It is nice to read a poem that reflects the subtlety of the beauty and darkness of this time of year in such lovely verses.  Thank you for sharing your gifts. xo ;)  

Nigel Cresswell

Caron, that is beautiful. Come the 22nd the sun will begin to return.
Blessed be.