Poem -

Wish upon a dark star


Never still
this lake rippling in my mind
seeking release
seeking freshness
adrift torn the dreaded place
levels flood
scream besiege embarrass
saturated beyond a drape pulled velvet

I've collected small piercings
of dreaming tears
hold them in the palm
stir with the visions
which haunted past echos across
 bone chilled valleys

distance elastic in its pending
greetings chained slit
into deaths portal of instant grip
would I banish
tonights cautious moment
erase a safely placed footstep
lie graciously between the cold sheet

Grafted mornings
attached on a seeded pointed finger
close suicides chain

Winter flesh replaced
stripped bark
piled on pyres burnt offering
dealing a touched flaccid meaning
stubborn unwashed tattooed face

Astral meatless forms
created earth brown singing place
slow heaving romance in breath
release this corpse
transplant my bent claw

Freedom  aches
and  yearn
across centuries kissed plains




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