Poem -

Word crazy 🤣

Word crazy 🤣

Word crazy 🤣

Nonsensicle & hullabaloo
I love using a crazy word
Haven’t the foggiest what they mean
But the very sound of them is absurd

Ballyhoo, bletherskate & clatfart
Jabberwock, phonus-bolonus
Flummadiddle haha what an art

These are all words
I’ve just found them on the net
I hadn’t heard of most of them
Bet your the same, I can bet!!

Imagine for a moment if we used such a word
Then  we’d be talking in hibber-jibber
We would sound like a nerd 🤣

Teehee, flapdoodle, flummadiddle, flimflam
Linsey-woosey, rannygazoo
I’m in word heaven I am

I wish we used these words
I’m going to try a few of them today
So if I bump into you & speak
Will you comprehend what I say?

Well I very much doubt it
There’s not a chance that you will
Yet, tootle, twaddle, tosh
I shall be getting such a thrill😁


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