Poem -

"Words Blessed by God"

"Words Blessed by God"

"There are those,
who are incapable,
of being honest with themselves,
and chose,
to put The Bible and Jesus,
on a dusty shelf,
but I don't believe anyone,
is a lost cause,
and these Words Blessed by God,
can help a heart thaw,
and make someone feel,
alright that they're flawed.

Some never wake up from,
the dream spell turned nightmare,
of addiction.
They'd rather stay ignorance,
is blissfully numb and dumb,
and become content,
in familiar misery,
but I'm here to tell you,
oh lost sleepyhead,
you're running toward,
a dead end,
where you'll wind up dead!

So isolated,
a stranger in your own head,
why not try,
living for Jesus instead?
What could that hurt,
what could it bother,
being a good mother or father,
to your son or daughter?

It's time to break the cycle,
right now embrace change.
Give your addiction to God,
and He will wipe off that stain,
and your pain,
and you will never,
again be the same.
A new creature,
with some amazing new,
inner features,
that can help others,
who had also lost hope,
and chose incorrectly,
to instead do the devil's dope.

Jesus will take you,
right now,
just as you are,
and help you shine again,
as bright as the stars.
You'll be a lighthouse,
for weary, lost travelers,
to find their way back home,
so they too can remember,
they are not alone!"

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