Poem -

worldly view

worldly view

the stairs were shallow
the steps were lean
(one – and then another)

the mind (a-racing) –
thoughts redeemed
(will we be brought asunder)

whilst avenues and highways close
and floods impart affect

under water – voices heard
on high they doth reflect

build a bridge – the water pump
saves pathways from decline

take nought for granted
(droughts and rains) –
in time they will recline

hush (a whisper) – shout it loud
press finger to one’s lips

inch by inch the water comes
and buckets catch the drips

the ceiling needs re-painting
the sunshine needs a stage

dance and seek performer’s art
it’s time he came of age

unto that – (umbrellas’ lost)
and smiles render song

although a past performer
he deserves to lead the throng

so hark the wistful splendour
and share others’ love anew

delve into a new creation
unto all – your worldly view

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Excellent  poetry angel

Being Me

"The sunshine needs a stage" I love that line... And indeed it does need a stage. Fabulous poem x