Poem -

You Love Me, You Love Me Not

Why won't you notice me. 
I come home and you look at me like you don't know its me.
I been drinking and smoking more you make me feel like a jerk.
So much so i cant perform the same at work.
I want us to work but you have me thinking otherwise. 
When we're around other people you put on this show to no surprise.
Even a blind man can see the pain in my eyes.
I try and try but you leave no choice.
Sometimes i wanna scream till i have no voice. 
Just know this wasnt my plan, but im drained i feel less than what i am.
Worthless and broken but I've finally awoken.
My vision is clear as ever.
I know its someone else but you think you're clever.
Clothes packed thinking how my family used to tell me never say never.
Anyways, whatever im gonna end this letter.
Excuse the tears on the paper, this is goodbye no see you later. 


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John DeFoore Jr

Painfully Honest,
Only if you've been there
can you completely understand
This made me remember
well written
Thanks John