Poem -

"You Were Never Alone!"

"You Were Never Alone!"

"You made it,
out of the darkness,
out alive,
with such inner strength,
it seems,
reality brings,
you back to the surface,
but you've heard that before,
only now though,
do you truly know what that means.

As these tears of salvation,
wipe your face clean,
don't look back to those tunnels,
where there was no spark,
as those red eyes and dirty hands,
cast deeper shadows in the dirtier dark.

Rise up!
You're strong!
You've had this strength in you all along!
You made it out!
Now you are fully awake,
knowing now whats is always at stake.
Your life is a story,
only you can tell,
so make their hearts beat and swell,
for we are the same,
now so brave from our journeys through Hell.

A shining beacon,
that shall never weaken.
A lighthouse,
to guide,
others back Home.
So they can find rest and comfort,
in knowing,
they are never alone!"

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