Poem -


The yellowish haze slowly dissipated,
This is the moment that was anticipated,
Something had triggered inside my brain,
From before until now, I am not the same.

Irrational thoughts flood through my head,
I am not totally alive, but i am not really dead,
I stand up slowly, to have a look around,
Ii looked down to see, a pool of blood on the ground.

The post apocalyptic landscape, eerie and death,
A horrible taste sensed, decay on my breath,
Then it hit me sudden, a huge craving i feel,
I need to find life, a nice human meal.

With eyes darting everywhere, my nose knows the way,
Walking through the night, and into the day,
I copped a smell of something, irresistible and nice,
For smelling that yummy, they'll soon pay the price.

With my limping walk, i staggered toward a place,
Excitement and deformity, was written on my face,
Over in the distance, it seemed i wasnt quite alone,
As beautiful other zombies, were merging on the home.

They must have seen me coming, there were five or maybe more,
I heard the shutting windows, and even the front door,
By now i see their window, curtains drawn and the mesh,
I was so intoxicated over, smelling the human flesh.

More zombies arrived, as we bashed on the doors,
Some went under the house, and smashed up through the floors,
Some dived through the windows, and got cut on the way,
All i want is some bloody brains, i think I'll be eating this day.

I fought through the frenzy, limbs were ripped all around,
There goes a head toward me, rolling on the ground,
I picked it up to look, at the deceased human face,
Put my tongue through the eye socket, to have a little taste.

Words cannot describe the sensation that i felt,
It didn't seem to matter, all the misery that we had dealt,
If you don't do anything else, if you are daring or just insane,
To a zombie nothing is better, than a cold human brain.

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John Astley

Excellent fun ! Just ripe for this time of year!


Glen Hill

Thanks john. I have often wondered what goes through a zombies mind, when he is on the hunt

Tony Taylor

Hey GLEN!!.....you have a fine sense of rhythm and timing......helping the whole of this narrative to flow well.....and to keep the 'stream of consciousness' working beautifully throughout!!......compelling stuff dear poet brother!!......I've been watching that "Van Helsing" series on Netflix so I could totally relate!!.......ALL STARS!!......well done!!....LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ΄πŸ‘Œ

Glen Hill

Thankyou tony for your kind words. I love a good old zombie movie, brains brains brains!! Hehe

Glen Hill

Thankyou, a fellow lover of the dark and twisted. Zombies are misunderstood hehe

Glen Hill

Will.definately take a look, thanks

Glen Hill

Thankyou very much Wendy, i am glad you liked it, cheers