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It, was far more than, " a dash, for the coast ", obviously. A line had to be crossed, in the name of love's intention. " Two minds are better than one ", a companion came with me. For, the sake of safety. To, foil " cult " followers. The merry-go-round had to be stopped, as in the movie " Carousel " ,or, some thing like that ! Liberty, meant more than there was on offer from those factionalized " parties " of a certain concern. We needed to regain our sanity. In the shadow of events, which only gave so much. And, nothing others recognized, as appropriate for us.
How much can you take ? For goodness sake. Life, was nothing other than some storm any would shrink from. The same tired objects of so-called interest on display, time and time again. There was a desire for old-fashioned " family values " in another location. Thankfully.
The " run " was organized, after proper investigations, at a moment convenient to both " partners in crime " !! The two, needed to become one. In due consideration of elements chasing us, thus eliminating possibilities of anything " getting out " that shouldn't. There was a reason to be scared. Why, would there not be ? When, treatment had been so unwelcoming, from the offset. That, was clear, anyway. If, nothing else was.
Hitting the road, meant a journey relying on fortune and breaks. The " borrowing " of a heavy burden keeping us away from detection, or unwanted detention. Our minds were certain of this. Who, wants to " sleep, in the rain ", devoid of nurture...and natural remedies, to our plight....or flight ? The intrinsic fear of recapture driving a message home. Occasionally, but, satisfyingly. Of course !
Hope was the guide. It, and the want of normality, brought a team together, to send a stark warning to those who might try " chaos " again. Joy, in our investment, in the future, meant all or nothing. Key, to success, though, being determined strategies based on things other than, that. Promisingly.
In " motel ", after " hotel ", was established a bond like no other. Here, was born the outlook of a different approach. Not conceived, for some period, of alternative cultural settings. And, bizarre patterns of organization. We, understood a return to the past, and streets, everywhere. To rejoin the majority was a " blessing. "  No disguising that. Thank God. 
Trusted behavioural excursions, into chartered territory, left a sweet taste. Of victory. And, sensibility. Pride had not taken a fall, here. The tranquil finally feeling special. It was great. The transition from grey to sunshine, with showers, but, only when they were dealt with..... after adequate preparation, brought change, beyond belief. Gratefully received.
They, could not comprihend. They, would not see, it. Life, found a way, to survive. And, I found a mate. In the harmony there had to be questions. There, had to be reconciliation. It, was not enough, reassuringly. Extra, was sought. To ask, this, actually made sense, when reflection halted further " slides, into oblivion. "
What, just happened ?
( I think, you know. )

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Cherie Leigh

Hi dear Richard...I believe part of finding one's place in this world is by the journey of it...a process  of learning...making that dash of discovery...and especially not alone on the travels in life....makes it all worth the struggles and challenges...not wanting to draw attention on one's self...but  looking inwardly for answers.  You have so much to share and to teach us all. xo ;) 

Richard Waters

You, are too kind with your compliments, at times. Thank you, for them !! :)
We are always learning, you know. Or, do you ? Get, it ? :) :)
Think clearly, and there is no " fog " !! You, have to see the light, to find your way !! The sum of that, makes sense. Does it, not ? :)
You, do teach yourself. As, you come.... to fruition. As, you, bring experience to " bear " ( Not " TED "  :) ).  The years, and tears, make you wiser. Don't they just ? LOVE AND LAUGHTER, make it....easier. In friends, and compassionate helpful souls, you find peace. Within, or without. YOU REALIZE WHAT, MATTERS.