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Soulful Intent.

Soulful Intent.

He lost himself there. In " The Great Escape, " before the glory of nature, he saw truth and light, to bring a smile. The flight into the night away from his contractual obligations had allowed the journey into the " unknown. " Separated from trifling concerns he moved to travel through the " Amazing Grace " of landscape, and associated history, to find the " Sunshine " ! Alone, he wandered pondering existence, and his place within it. To grow. To find within himself the strength to expand horizons, making more of the opportunities set before him. The path to self-improvement was arduous, but also rewarding. As " The Climb " to be better made evermore sense. The progression from mere hope and promise into the wealth of creation giving to his soul all necessary to make peace with the world he inhabited , and all it offered, and did not. As he struck out on the road to freedom, and its trappings of joy and love, he left behind all horrors to experience the domain of choice.
In the will to find harmony, within the captivation of life enhancing form and structure, he sought the reasoning of future planning, as well as future options. To believe again in the worth of his essence, and the worth of his policies. To further the wonders of questions defying mainstream culture. The right place, here, was to put himself in the presence of " higher powers " evoked from spiritual investment. The leanings towards retreat from frantic misadventure brought home to him the very foundations of what can be valued, and what cannot. As, in the arms of learned conveyance, to show what can be, and what has to be, he uncovered solitude, of safety and sanctuary. Blessed with comforts and dilemmas. To enlarge interests in the scope of humanity, as well as the panarama, of visionary excess. At, the juncture of faith, and belief, he grasped the fundamental principles, of it all. At last. With help, at hand.
There, in the " dream " was not every answer, but all needed, to greater the good. And, the goodness. Inside, and outside, reality, departed from the scheming of others. With no heart to relief anyone of the burdens of guilt, or regret. The investment in searching for his credentials, to be happy, made him explore much more than expected. Taking him beyond any thought processes he had ever envisaged. The " means to an end " delivering rich rewards, at each surprise, which gave real treasure, in abundant excillerating measure. The way of it, was made even clearer, when he encountered her. And, her mischievous deliberations, tied to his.
In each others company they realized the extent of infinite possibility. And, variety. Their conversation, and collaboration, leaving " no stone unturned " as they extended joint aspiration, and motivation, to the limit, of endurance. Their energy encapsulated the true realm of fantasy notion, and emotion, the capability of igniting the fire. Which burns long, with welcome ferocity, in the passion of being where shadows are expelled. And, definition is given to connection, beyond verbal, and physical, touch. Some, may not experience what they found together, but, in the " nature of the beast "  they worshipped, there was the example set. of humanity, and related projections. The adversity forgotten, by both, there was a coming together of minds, and bodies, to plan. To breathe in what matters most. And, envisage the monument to success. Within, the love. Within, the peace. Within, the respect, of life.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Richard...When you have a dream and respect for life, there are so many possibilities that could come to fruition...Such a positive outlook. I like that.  xo Love n Hugs