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Hollow Man (part 10)

We emerged from cover with Sphinx letting off moving towards me. She always a good shot. But she never had the killer instinct. I always have if that person threatening my life. I storm out the back door weapons free popping two of the five guys with twos shots each to the chest. I hurried and grabbed the metal trash can for protection and then cleared the guys quick. Sphinx finished off most of the guys in front and hurried behind me. We took cover at the corner of the house property towards the alley. We had to stay low enough so Sphinx could cover me as I counted the bodies ahead of us. “We don’t have much time!” Said Sphinx. “I count ten coming our way” I said mentally frantic. I turned the corner and stayed close to the fence as we took the fight to those assholes. I only had 15 rounds left in the AR. I took half of them bastards down with Sphinx backing me, covering my 6 shooting the guys behind us. She knocked them off and helped double team the guys ahead of us. Just like any other cop/detective just as soon as you make progress some bullshit was around the corner. Me and Sphinx was picking off guys one by one until you guessed it a fucking truck came ready to light our asses up. We picked a couple of AK’s, switched covers and fired at the damn thing. Well at least we thought, it was getting closer and closer and it was bulletproof. [flashback](it was graduation day and a punks decided he was gonna rob a bank me and Sphinx was the first to respond................ but we were the only two there) we made a quiet entrance through the back (something the entire force couldn’t picture doing). We could see why though they had us before we knew it. We rushed in no back up and immediately got pinned down. Sphinx even got hit in the stomach and I in the arm. Sphinx was about the lose consciousness then out of nowhere I went black and everything slowed. I came up fast popped one in the head of the guy using the clerks desk for cover. Then swung over to shot one at the gun of the guy at the front door who lost control of it and shot the two and the safe’s door entrance who I didn’t have a view of. Then I put one in his heart then one in his head swiftly. Then ended it with jumping over my cover of a table then put the rest of some fat ass holding a light machine gun. I doubt he felt any of the body shots but I know he felt one scramble his brain. It was over they got none of the money me and Sphinx were hero’s out the gate and she was rescued. [ends flashback] Ever since then I could never summon that kind of energy. Until now.............everything slowed and the truck or should I say tank was approaching fast Sphinx ran for cover as I walked towards it picking off the guys firing at us. Then found weak points in the truck armor and with the shots I took at it the truck blew up and ran into a wall before it could touch me. I walked off grabbing another AK. “Haven’t seen you do that in years. You really do have super powers.” Yeah well it comes and goes. Sphinx got up and we continued to the secret passageway I remembered from back in the days. There were two guards by the entrance and a hell of lot of bad guys around. We snuck through and ended up finding an empty beer bottle as silencers, picked them off carefully and grabbed them before they hit the ground. With no trouble on the way to the place we made it there safe. “What the hell is this place? Seems so old.” It’s my old house before my parents passed. I turned on the lights and sat down on the couch in the living room. I started to close my eyes for rest until I saw Sphinx so shocked. She looked around and seemed concerned yet a little angry. “How come no one ever knew about your parents? I mean as your partner I would think you’d tell me this kind of stuff.” Well for so long I didn’t think anyone cared let alone cared about how I was feeling or anything of my past. “You know the whole precinct was there for you when your wife cheated on you.” Were they? Or were they just feeling pity on the guy who felt foolish and went black. “It was never like that we just couldn’t approach you let alone knew how to. You did go dark but somewhere we all saw light in you.” Yeah well it’s the past we have to leave it be. I called it in to the precinct but by the time I did I was tired and my eardrums gutted from the constant guns letting off in my ear. So I called it in and walked upstairs to my room to lay down. Moments later Sphinx walked in. Hey hey hey haven’t you heard of knocking? I could’ve been naked. “Yeah like I haven’t seen you naked before.” I would like to think that you haven’t. “Well I have. You got a nice room here.” She glances over at the many poems, posters, medals, and trophies I had lying around. Thanks I said tiredly trying to figure out our next move. I looked over at her reading one my most prized poems. Hey that one kind of embarrassing please don’t read that. “Why? I actually like it. It’s deep like I can really think about you what you’re saying.” Thanks. She looked around a little while longer then called her girlfriend I presumed either that or her telling her side of the story to the boss. I laid there nearly in sleep tossing and turning. Then Sphinx walked back in, saw me and laid there with me. I didn’t mind in fact I actually went to sleep. Right as she did with me. It was the only thing that felt great about today.

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