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The Delusional Addict

The Delusional Addict

imagine there's two friends  together in a street, the first friend  already decided that they definately want a bag, but they can't have one without pursauding the second friend that they want it too as they need the money and it bought asap but the second friend wants nothing to do with it so they say no so then the first friend decides to then start making some valid points of how the second friend would benefit from it & starts verbally listing out a strong pursusive statement to the point where the second friend actually start to believed the first friend that when, the first friend promised in exchange for the bag they would clean the second friends home, but as the exchange takes place, the second friend takes there first hit.. is it only then do they realise standing on there own looking back in the mirror that the first friend was actually just a manipulative narssasistic lier, who in fact disappeared the instant they got there hit whilst the second friend  was left in limbo wondering why they have kept on abusing themselves with a substance they don't particularly even like  just to keep the peace within there own mind and also the first friend can tend to become extremely abusive and may hurt the people the second friend loves.

The worst part of it all is that the first friend is actually my head & the second friend is my heart.

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