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The Man On The Hill

The Man On The Hill

There once lived a man 
on the top of a hill,
with bare kitchen cupboards
and a belly to fill.
He needed some treats
to put in his mouth,
so he put on his boots
and stepped out of the house.

He went for a walk 
and bumped into a rabbit, 
who was sat by his warren
munching a carrot.
“Oh rabbit,” he said 
as he worked out out his fate.
“You'd taste good in a stew 
On my dinner plate.”

“Please sir,” said the rabbit
“I'm not for your knife,
take all my carrots 
and spare me my life.”
“I'll take all those carrots
but leave you with one.”
And he gobbled them up 
before he walked on.

He spotted a squirrel 
gathering up nuts.
“I'll have you for supper,
there's no ifs or buts!”
“But sir,” said the squirrel
“I'm not for your fork,
take all my nuts 
and on you can walk.”

“I'll take up your offer,
but leave you with one.”
Squirrel kindly accepted
and the man then was gone.

As he walked down the path
he heard grunts that were muffled 
of a hard at work pig
who was sniffing out truffles.
“Oh pig you'd look good 
on the end of my stick,
with a plate full of chips
and a barbecue dip.”

“But man,” said the pig
“I'm not for your spit,
please take all my truffles 
and let that be it!”
The man thought a minute
then said, “Oh go on.”
And went on his way 
leaving pig only one.

He then came to a river
and there sat on the bank,
was a dam building beaver
catching fish for his tank.
“Oh yummy,” said man
“You can be for my tea,
you'd be lovely with gravy
and fresh garden peas.”

“Please no!” said the beaver.
“I'm not for the slaughter,
take all my fish 
and cross over the water.”
“Yes! .. I like fish,
so if you don't mind,
I’ll have all the lot,
but I'll leave one behind.”

Later that night at the top of the hill
came a bright shining light
from the mans steaming grill.
The smell of fresh fish 
topped with truffle was lush,
with the scent of the freshly 
dry roasted peanuts.
In a night filled with hush .

The animals rushed 
to the foot of the climb,
and in unison said, 
“That could have been mine!”

They looked at each other
and to their surprise, 
they all had a piece 
of the ultimate prize.
If they all came as one, 
it was easy; 
Make a feast fit for kings
with what man didn't take.

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Katina Woodruff...

Loved it -- WOW! 

This is my NEW FAVORITE poem at Cosmofunnel!

Incredible! So much fun in this poem. I like the way you brought the different species of animals into the tale. I know of a story, well a collection of stories that you may enjoy. The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer. 

The Canterbury Tales (Middle English: Tales of Caunterbury[2]) is a collection of 24 stories that runs to over 17,000 lines written in Middle English by Geoffrey Chaucer between 1387 and 1400.[3]" Wikipedia 
Links to read: 

Online Literature, chauncer - Tales
Read Free Online
Wikipedia, Canterbury Tales

Spencer Miller

Thanks Katina . Did you watch the link or did you just read the text?
i will certainly have a look at your suggestions. Thanks

Marion Price

Hi Spencer I have as unable to comment earlier when I voted...really enjoyed the read...🌹🌹

Katina Woodruff...

I had to return to read it again. I hope your poem is nominated for the January writing contest. It's really amazing! 

Katina Woodruff...

I just adore the story, it's well written, unique and feels somewhat familiar. It's because it has a certain flare to it. When I get caught up on my reading here, I'll check out more of your stories. Don't forget to check out, The Canterbury Tales. The Wife of Bath, is one of my favorites. Where is that "golden button" like on, America's Got Talent. I'd hit it, for sure! Keep up the fantastic work. 

Spencer Miller

Haha I like that. The golden button, we have that over here too on Britain’s got talent 😀. I only have one other story on here at the moment but I have more to publish. I sure will check out The Canterbury Tales and thankyou for reading and leaving me some fantastic comments.

Katina Woodruff...

I'm so impressed! I watched the video. Have you sent this to a potential publisher yet? I think what you haev done is so creative, unique and well written. I’m giving you a 10 star vote. It's awesome!

Spencer Miller

No Katina I haven’t sent it to a publisher. I don’t know where to start, I’ve had a look online but it’s a minefield. I just have a YouTube channel where I put my stories.

Katina Woodruff...

Okay, here is what I'm going to do. I can do some preliminary research. Just need to know your location/city/state/country. Then, I can start research. I'll get a list of potential literary publishing houses and literary agents for your area. It may take me up to two weeks, since I'm working on mastering metered poetry and working with a few authors at Cosmofunnel on a potential collection of poetry to publish. You can send me the info by messenger here. I am on Face Book also, and we could swap emails. I hope I can help you. It's really good, I mean REALLY GREAT!  

Face Book: Katina Woodruff Borgersen
Email: Will give to you by messenger.

How about tomorrow, I start the research.
Let’s find your work a permanent home (with pay).

If your work is accepted, you would need to remove it from any websites. But for now, I say keep it up and generate more readers. 

Spencer Miller

Oh wow ! Katina that is so kind of you, thankyou so much. It makes me kind of nervous but in a good way. That is such a nice thing for you to do for me. Of course I will send you a friend request on Facebook and exchange email addresses. You have made my day. Thankyou so much.

Katina Woodruff...

There is messenger from this site also. But I'll be watching for your friend request. So, it's a go. Tomorrow, the search is on! There are a few authors here I'd like to get list for. Then, the hard part is filling out the proposals, you'd be on your own. But I'll get you links to sites that you can use when writing the proposal. It's okay to dream... this takes the dream one step further. Put your creativity to action and see what you can do. My guess, you'll find a publisher.

Spencer Miller

Thankyou Katina. Any help would be appreciated and I will follow it up. I have sent a message on fb messenger with my email. Thankyou again for your support.