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The Mystery of the Universe

The Mystery of the Universe

I am fascinated by the fact how the life began on Planet Earth. I started to question myself how it all started. First of all, there is "Big Bang Theory". On this it tells us that out of nothing there is a big explosion of gas that spreads all over the universe and starts to form different type of particles to form planets and galaxies. Ever since then I wonder out of billions and billions of galaxies there is life on this planet. Of course we believe that homo sapiens evolved from our ancestors who were primates. This does not just end here, we are the intelligent creatures as we call ourselves but over the thousands human beings have advanced so rapidly. From having fire in the cave to building a civilisation that depends on the resources is astonishing. 
Now lets look at the Dinosaurs that existed millions of years ago. It took millions of years to evolve from the sea to ground. They began changing based upon their environment. Before us they were the dominant creatures that roamed the Earth, their were huge, strong and powerful. It was all working well suddenly the asteroid crashed into planet Earth that destroyed the Dinosaurs. Just like any other power nations over the century, there is always an end to their great rule. 
The fact that I was talking of the Dinosaurs is because there is always an end. Not that it is coming soon but we are bringing the end to ourselves slowly but surely. It's like a time bomb we just don't know the time but the bomb is there ready to explode. 
In the future we might travel to different planet such as Mars. We might repopulate the planet and bring the greenery to the planet that once was baron land to set up a colony. Nowadays we so much in social media that we still are facing challenges on our planet such as Global warming but many people don't believe that it is happening. 
Lastly, the universe is still unknown to us we don't what is out there waiting for us to find. Even though find the habitual planets we can't go there. Our best estimation is to hope there is life outhere somewhere," WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE". It is silent outside the Earth, I know the fact that life can be found among those stars someday in future someday. If our technology advances to go interstellar travel that would be a jump in the history of humankind. 

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Charu Shawd

Hey Abul, it was enjoyable to read this one mate. Universe is indeed a mystery and we dont know where we are all heading. Only Our Almighty knows these hidden secrets of the mystical realms.Truth will find us if we seek it.
welcome 🙏✌️
Peace and love 

Abul Gurung

Thank you very much for reading it. Yes universe is a mystery but we have to look for truth even though it's written in holy books the true answer lies when we look deep into something that cannot be explained.

Peace Out