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Far from the city the bodies of two humanoid was found, the bodies of them were found side by side. In the desk of Jericho Police Department was a new humanoid which was very advanced called the Connor. He soon got a call from the police who were at the scene. Connor soon rushed scene when he reached there something was not right as he was scanning the area. Then he checked the humanoid eye, the attack was out of the blue. As going through the cybernet memory he saw a dark figure with the blue eye as it was very rare to find. 

The two humanoid were from the Phoenix Federations who were scientists were working was all classified. It seemed odd that he could not unlock the files that was lying down when he picked it up. The dark figure with blue eyes had jumped from the apartment to another without a scratch. Conner went to see the oval broken shaped glasses that the figure had made while jumping. He thought that how come some out of the ordinary humanoid have done that. The building the figure had jumped some quite the distance skipping two building in front of it. 

When Connor went to his house after work, he began researching more about this unknown humanoid. He had some of the while searching crime that looked similar to this he had done today. To look for more detail he started to link his virtual assistant called Ivy then the whole room changed into a crime scene in 3D. The figure had known something about the Phoenix Federation that does not want the public to know. Connor started to suspect many prominent figures of the Federations. 

After a month Connor had found no lead, he began to doubt himself was something he was missing to connect the dots. While driving to get some repairs done which he had damaged when shootout happened in the Bank of China. The gang that he had shootout was from another zone in Jericho. The gang is one most feared underground mafia in Jericho called The TRAID. 

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