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After the incident of the phoenix glitch. Conner started to search for the meaning of what it meant, for going pages in his cloud of information. There he found about the phoenix, it was a secret project to create a humanoid that can hack into anything and erase of memories. The files from the federation was kept secret from the public eye. If the it gets leaked the members instant death by execution. 

When the Federation was establish they began a project to create such a humanlike robot that can out perform their abilities and hack into any system. But doing multiple of tests and bringing into life was a huge accomplishment for the Phoenix Federation. On the last day, the scientists were doing some checks to run it smoothly. When the humanoid opened his eye, he knew everything that he looked into that was fascinating for him as he was the first of a kind. The peoples who created him was kept secret even the humanoid had a clue as who was the creator that created him.

After repairing the damage from the fire fight. He received a anonymous call from someone who was wearing dark rob and the blue eyes was shining with a grin smile. The figure told him that in the coming ceremony in square where Jericho landed. The humanoid told that there is gonna be explosion so big that it can destroy a whole city in one boom.

The ceremony was in ten days. This made him so worried that he went to see the mayor about the oncoming danger that is going to happen in this city. But the mayor ignored him and then Conner went to see the head of police, he also ignored him. This led Conner in a confused state of mind.   


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