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A week before the attack on Bank of China, dragon heads of the TRAID had pre-planned the attack it just needed an execution. The gang was located in zone 6 of Jericho. The main financial and economic sites were based on zone 1 of Jericho. Their plan was carry out the heist in planned way, the leader of the TRAID  called Sun Yee On who had a brain and the control of gangs around the zones was effortless. The gang had humanoid who were upgraded to certain build needed built for the gang, they had advanced samurai armour in red that could withstand some lasered shot. The helmet had one red eye with the pointed horn and on the side of head helmets it was covered by Chinese dragon.

An hour before the attack Conner was driving through different zones to look for possible clues linking it to the deaths the mysterious blue eyed figure had caused so far. While driving from zone 2 to 1 he received a location in front of the dashboard where the attack was taking place. He then accelerated as soon as possible to reach there. When he reached there the police was heavy fire by the TRAIDS raiding the bank. Then Conner jumped out the car ran straight for the cover and the car parked itself in the attack. 

There were only five humanoids who were sent to access the Bank of China by connecting it to the main system to steal money from the bank. While one started to hack the system, others were distracting the cops. When Conner came to support the cops. Conner started to take out one by one head shooting each of them two times. After taking out all four of them Conner sprinted towards the last remaining humanoid which was still downloading. It was guarding the place when out of nowhere Conner jumped from behind that humanoid just hit the left elbow down breaking the machines completely. 

After the attack was finished. Conner is travelling back to the Ark Robotics to get repairs done. When stopping at Ark Robotics he received a unknown glitch in the matrix showing a fall of Phoenix falling from the sky while black clouds followed it until it reached the ground swallowing hole. He lost his consciousness for a while then came right back in. 

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