Poem -

A Century From Now

(P.O.V of Lillian in a century)

We are forced to live in this abhorrent world,

Teeming with extensive balls of hatred, isolation, and lovelessness,

Ceaselessly growing and growing like that irritating mole you can never get rid of,

Poverty, abominations, strife,

That’s all I ever see nowadays,

I desperately needed a way to shut out this surreal nightmare...even if only for a little while,


Every night, I would creep up into my room and just lay there-sinking into my blanket,

Silently thanking the gods for granting me the only safe haven I had left- my mind,

Gradually I try to go back in time and take a good look at how we all were,

Before we all died,


It was tough, tough to reach into the vast void of what is my mind and grasp back those radiant rainbow colored memories of mine with my now filthy hands,

I reached and pulled them out,

I remembered,

I remembered feeling...feelings!

Nervous flutters rapidly bouncing through my tummy like an extremely tense game of ping pong,

Sweating my guts out like the sun had chosen to hover directly over me,

These were all reactions that erupted like a volcano because of that special someone,

Back when there were still face-to-face connections,

My lips curl up into a perfect crescent,

I recalled earning my first trip without parental-supervision,

A trip down the corroding stairs of my red-brick apartment,

Into the elevator, I lightly hum the tune of my favorite song,


I walk out, heels clacking on the cobbled path, wave hello to my strange neighbours and put the package into my mail-box,

The littlest things made me so happy,

My lips droop into a straight line,

There is no happiness in this world now,

Technology has fully embraced the world in its menacing tentacles of code,

Infecting upon us a virus that no fire-wall can break through,

People these days stay cooped up in their tiny spaces of a room,

Dull and dark is where they lie,

The only single glimmer of light you can ever hope to notice is the reflection of their smart-phones,

Bloodshot eyeballs aided with crooked red lines glued to the screen like flies to Sticky Fly Paper,

Persistently buzzing as if crying out loud in agony,

Their swollen fingers tapping at the speed of light that not even The Flash could catch up,

It has become law that you are forbidden to cross the road with your device lest you perish,

Because apparently tapping away is more important than looking left-to-right,

An android, nuts and bolts for brains waits at the only entrance to the outside to retrieve the devices resulting in lesser casualties,

Yeah right...like that makes a difference,

Most people label me as an oddball, eerie chick, outlandish alien,

All due to the fact that I refuse to conform to their ways of living,

I refuse,

The once bustling cities bombarded with luscious green and the smell of freshly baked bread is gone,

Replaced by eroding buildings barely standing,

There are no birds to chirp beautiful tunes anymore,

Just a bunch of birds free-falling down to the Earth

There is no blanket blue of blue with cottony pillows in between anymore,

Just appalling shades of grey, black and white roughly mixed together,

The government is evil,

This world is rotten to the core,

There is no hope,

I’ve tried and failed and tried yet failed again,

All is forever lost,

It is impossible to walk for 5 seconds without getting your eardrums blasted by explosives,

The major population of this world has gone deaf,

They were already dumb so that completes the package,

If you’ve ever wondered what blood smells like I could tell you,

It smells like nothing...absolutely nothing,

It’s gotten so bad that the virus has spread to the blood cells causing them to lose their unique odor,

It is as empty as your soul and as thick as your skull,

The government is evil,

They stood and mocked us as our loved ones dropped like flies,

Tears streaming down their battered and bruised faces,

Hands out to the gods as if screaming “I can’t take it anymore! Take me now”

While you watched them writhe in agony, you did nothing,

Not because you didn’t want to but because you couldn’t,

I wake up and flash forward back to the present soaked in sweat,

My hairs stuck to the back of my neck,

I feel a stinging pain in my palms,

I look down at my palm and it has several gashes in them,

They are stained with blood like this world is and the hands of those wh0 rule us,

I wash my rough hands thoroughly although that will not change what I have done no matter how hard I try,

About to go back to my bed, I stop and slowly turn around,

I see golden dust flowing into my room like molasses

I turn, stop and gasp in awe,

Tears filled my eyes as I saw the sun peeking its head out of the soft pillows,

The clouds...there were clouds!

I had never in a million years thought that the sun could be so refreshing,

It’s like that feeling you get when you take a huge gulp of fresh milk after a nice hot bath,


My cheeks hurt from the smiling,

I ran outside and to my surprise everyone was gathered there,

All transfixed by the beauty of its golden rays,

They all drop their phones like dead-weight,

I feel my hands,

They are soft.


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