Poem -

That Mighty Dollar

That Mighty Dollar

The bus rolls by and I see
One, two, three cars-
Positioned in the exact same spot as they were yesterday.
And the day before,
And the day before the day before,
Like clockwork.
Humans are… strange creatures, beings that cannot be truly understood.
Far too...simple.
Repetitive creations that take in standard brewed ‘coffees’ as their own morphine drips 
Easing and numbing away the pain,
They toil all day long, back and forth,
In endless waves of sweat, back and forth, 
Serving those dressed in Burberry, 
Some clean from top to bottom,
Till they cannot distinguish bottom from top.
All...for what?
The mighty dollar they cherish and cling to,
The cream of the crop when it comes to dwellers at the top,
Never to rust nor to be shucked aside
Breaking all colour barriers as it’s universally known wide.
It excessively boasts in exaltation
“Pardon my wide grin, I can’t help but mention. I am ever-changing, but yet to be defeated. 
Thank you for the applause! You may now be seated.”
Knowing all this, they go back to bed and punch in the rewind button on their life
All for that almighty dollar 
And tomorrow, I shall watch
I shall watch and wait for those
One, two, three cars-
That will be positioned as they were yesterday
And the day before,
And the day before the day before.

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Gerard McGowan

Unfortunately our economic system of life is also our prison, 

"Money doesn't buy you happiness but a lack of money certainly buys you misery".

Great piece Lillian, very true.