Poem -

A Dentist's Revenge

I made the mistake of going to a different dentist.
He did something terrible because he was pissed.
I slept with a woman but I dumped her for another woman who is much hotter.
But what I didn't know was the girl who I dumped was the dentist's daughter.
The Bastard didn't use anesthetic when he got me in his chair.
He strapped me down and even though the surgery hurt like hell, he didn't care.
He decided to make me pay by removing all of my teeth.
He was very unprofessional and it caused a lot of grief.
I was pissed so I went to the dental association and got his license revoked.
Now his wife is having to turn tricks to earn money because they're broke.
Because I broke his daughter's heart, he got revenge, the experience was beyond belief.
And I'm pretty sure that I'm the only twenty year old in this state who has false teeth.

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