Poem -

"A Heart All Blazing!"

"A Heart All Blazing!"

"A body young,
with a soul so old,
with millions of stories here to be told,
of the bold,
and weak,
those tortured souls with barely the strength to speak.

I try to open up,
tell these tales,
of all the old pain,
that I know oh so well,
but with petty conversations,
and with crosstalk abound,
I lost my serenity,
the chaos was found.

To quell the beast,
salivating it is,
licking it's jagged teeth,
it cries meekly,
'Please let me off of this leash.'
It's bad that I'm even talking to him,
he is whispering through his cage,
'Please let me out.
I'll show them true rage.
Don't just put me down on this page.
I am the real strength you need,
in this war that you wage.'

I'm shaking inside,
where I and my inner child love to hide,
but I won't be forsaking,
my progress so far.

This story of mine,
it's mine for the making!
So Thank You God for the patience You're taking,
to deal with me.
A repeat offender problem child,
with a free spirit all blazing,
and a heart very much wild."

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