Poem -

A life less lived within

A life less lived within

It matters not if plagued, beset
I left the world before I’d seen
A semblance of who I’d become
In days built from days between
But never one to live regret
A purchase whilst in Earth’s Parade –

Sometimes I’d just cogitate
My hands clenched under tree-like hue
And then she came, redress too late?
Shade left, replaced by sun of day

And all to smell was her perfume
Her smile, staunch, my last hurrah
Led to a path down the Parade
That day, un-noticed, only star
That found the pond that told the moon;

“Her clothes fell, drooped to the ground”
Hash-tag naked, on a whim –
If not a whim, thought over-takes
Enticed, invited, by her hint
To live beyond divine surround
Enjoy a life, less lived within.

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