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A Story Of White Arches

A Story Of White Arches

As I look upon the white white arches so beautiful and bold,
I think of a story that needs to be told.
Of many young souls that will never grow old,
For the greed of man and the price of coal.

They left for school on that dark morning,
Kissed goodbye without fear or warning.
Children learning without a care,
Not knowing the danger that lingered there.

It came with a force too strong to deny,
A swift killer came and blackened the sky.
It destroyed all it touched as it moved on by,
Nobody could have known the end was nigh.

Silence fell and was observed by all,
Rescuers and parents listened for childrens calls.
Frantically digging to uncover school halls,
Through the mountain of slurry before more could fall.

So many taken on that fateful day,
Wales biggest tragedy is now what they say.
A disaster that not need ended that way,
So mamy children with their lives did pay.

A garden now stands where once stood their school,
A beatiful sight grown from something so cruel.
The cemetery lies not so far away,
For those with respect they wish to pay.

Look upon the arches so beautiful and bright,
And don't let their story fill you with fright.
The children are lost but not out of sight,
Forever at peace we bid them goodnight. 

By Daniel Jones

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