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Survivors Sorrows

Survivors Sorrows

I don't know why nor will I ever know,
Why I survived or why you had to go.

Now I grow old with each passing day,
As children forever my friends will stay.

All the sorrow and all the pain,
I feel each day again and again.

I remember my friends with each passing hour,
Every year on the day I bring you flowers.

I sit for a while where we once played,
And think about the price you paid.

You'll never have the chance to grow old,
That's the price you paid for coal.

Though I grow old my memories stay strong,
Of the friends I loved that now are gone.

And when one day I come to pass,
I'll join you all on God's green grass.

And play and laugh and dance and sing,
Where there is no pain or suffering.

To become a child again at last,
And join my friends of old Pantglas. 

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Nigel Cresswell

I was very young but I lived in Cumbria and all mining areas will never forget. 
Great write. 

Daniel Jones

Thank you. I wasn't even born when it happened. I visited on the 50th anniversary with my family. A beautiful and sad reminder.