Poem -


the tiny pebble is crying

Starve you
when the party's over
love the way  your chains
steal the breath
choking on a buried friend

Followed home by all those corners
crying on ragged flower vows
goodbyes cling with slender finger tricks
to broken window sins
parted flags dripping
onto bitten tongues

Each step deliberated
decided by the harnessed crowd
one bite spells delight
fortunes collected on tiny cards
screaming words in vessels sunken
stained  prayers holding back
the rages performed

Emptied green parks
lined with snowflake and summer charm
alone  display
vomited soul
clean up aisle heaven

Now the party
has started to crawl into the last vein
stretching out
and placing a steel cage
inside the spirit plays
no soft hand will caress
just me


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