Poem -

At a Loss

At a Loss

searching for
the right words to say
i'm left at a loss

in my struggle to
convince you
not to call this off 

i would rather
you leave
in peace
than not at all

if you are to leave
then please see
the deepest part
of my heart
that i had to reach 

i hope
it gives you clarity
so that one day
you'll find
what you seek

what you sought
I couldn't provide 

i denied
too many times
to fulfill
that part of you
that couldn't
be sufficed

i got swept
in the rivers
that you cried...

without a life jacket
I paddled and kicked
but couldn't make it
to the other side

so that we were both
standing on dry land
firm on the belief
that we found
what we need
looking into the sunset

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Stephen...The loss of a friendship or relationship can be so painful.  I believe there is a season and reason for people coming together...and even when those relationships are severed, there is something that was learned from it and a place for that experience.  Sometimes it does not make sense why relationships end, but they add meaning and reflection that ultimately makes us who we are.  Relatable...Great creative imagery of the river of tears to show the struggle and separation.  I enjoyed. xo :) 

Stephen OConnell

I'm glad this was able to reach you. I believe these are things we have all dealt with at one point in our lives. Thank you for your words!